Chocolate Soldier

Mmmm...chocolate. There's nothing quite like it that stimulates all of our senses and provides that mood and mind-altering pleasure. Just hearing the snap of a block, biting into a crisp handmade truffle and feeling that ooze of creamy filling, smelling your favourite freshly baked cake or simply enjoying a warming mug of chocolate can turn your day around and bring you to your happy place.


At Chocolate Soldier Espresso Bar in Brisbane, we're purveyors and lovers of fine handmade chocolate, and we love sharing our passion and knowledge with everyone who walks through our doors. Whatever our customers seek in their food or beverage, it's our mission to ensure they leave completely satisfied by their experience and maybe even thrilled by discovering something new to enjoy!


Located on 400 George Street in Brisbane's CBD, Chocolate Soldier Espresso Bar attracts chocolate lovers from all walks of life. Whether you're catching up with a friend, enjoying some alone time with a good read, having a meeting or taking a break from the shops and sights of the city, Chocolate Soldier Espresso Bar is conveniently accessible. Pop in and grab something to go, or linger as long as you please.


Comfort for the mind and soul is the key the minute you step into Chocolate Soldier Espresso Bar. Our dark and light wooden interiors from wall panels to tables and chairs bring warmth and cosiness. Whether you're craving something savoury or sweet, you won't be disappointed. Our wraps and sandwiches are made on the day and are equally enjoyable fresh or toasted.


If you need to be spoilt, our cakes, tarts and biscuits in a myriad of flavours especially chocolate varieties will hit the spot. Our signature offerings include a divine handmade truffles and other chocolate delights, inspired by Australian and international flavour palettes, ranging in texture and intensity. Enjoy in our café or have your handmade selection beautifully packaged and presented as a gift.


Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you with your selection and provide food and beverage pairing suggestions for the most complementary experience.


Opening Hours

Monday - Friday: 6am - 5pm

Weekends & Public Holidays: Closed